Best Online Jobs for Teens

Best Online Jobs for Teens

In this article, I’m going to share 2 easy ways to make money as a teen.

Make Money Playing Video Games

In no way, shape or form do I condone this young mans behavior from Palm Beach. Yet he went against all odds, dropped out of school and is making a six figure income by being a professional video game player. 18 year old Tom Taylor managed to create a small lucrative franchise through gaming contracts, product endorsements and game tutoring.

He is one of only about 100 professional gamer belonging to the Major League Gaming association founded in 2002. In a good month, these gamers can bring home a few grand. He signed a $250,000 contract six months after going pro. At which time he hired a publicist, a financial adviser and a media trainer.

The tutoring side of his business charges $65 an hour for those wanting to follow in his footsteps. Showing aspiring teens how to excel or even go pro as a gamer using just his Xbox Live.

Become An Affiliate Marketer and Make Money as Commissions

Making commission money as an affiliate is just getting a percentage of the profits by selling some one else’s product. You don’t need your own website to get started, but you will want one later as your profits grow. Above we all ready discussed the importance and power of original articles.

All you need is one good article, and a product to promote and you are ready for the next step.

You should all ready have a PayPal, USFreeAds and Craigs List account. Most people start off with Amazon and Clickbank. Every one knows Amazon, but when you are an affiliate you can write an article or review about a book, TV, jewelry, or what ever – sell it and make money. Clickbank is all digital information products like advanced online marketing, World of Warcraft, Dating, Camping, and so on. (Clickbank digital products payout an average of 50% commissions while Amazon is much less, but the price of what your selling through Amazon could easily make up for that.) If you can’t find what you are looking for there, another very popular affiliate membership site is Commission Junction.

How do you figure out what to sell? Look over the forums and groups that you all ready belong to over the Internet. What is a hot topic? What questions do they have? What problems do they need solved? Once you know that, find yourself something to offer them to answer there questions. Write your article and turn it into a mini web page on Blogger or HubPages with your affiliate links.

That is it in a nutshell and you’ll notice that none of this costs anything but time. There are several ways to improve, tweak, and optimize this simple overview. Rest assured though, marketers are making thousands a week doing just this. If this affiliate marketing thing sounds like something you would like to pursue, then there is one more free term I must introduce…

Bum Marketing – A method of free marketing that, when taken to the extreme, will get you visitors to your offers 10+ years down the road. Travis Sago invented and perfected the method. He is a top notch guy and enjoys sharing and teaching it to others for free. Click on his site HERE and sign up for some tried and true marketing that will never grow old.

TIP: Once you start down this road you will be bombarded with offers and alternate methods of making money and new ways to market… DO NOT spread yourself thin by trying to learn it all. Get an understanding of how and why this works then you can branch out. Also be leery of old advice on how to advertise on Craigs List. They keep changing the rules because of cheaters and old information could get you banned from there if you abuse there site.